About Toe Joez Footwear

ToeJoez aims to provide the best sandals for men and women! Our toe loop design creates a sandal that is not your ordinary flip flop. This technology has been around since the Roman times and the Gladiators.

Our patented design is super comfortable, durable, easy to clean, kid friendly, attractive and perfect for the casual lifestyle.

Tired of having your flip flop fall off your foot or go in a different direction other than where you pointed your foot when you are walking or running? Tired of hearing the flipping and flopping noise with every step?

ToeJoez Footwear introduces the FLIP-NOT, the only slip-on sandal made of soft foam rubber that STAYS PUT ON YOUR FOOT when you walk and run. The old-world Toe-Loop sandal has now been redesigned for a great fit and, for the first time, is made of light and comfy materials instead of leather. It is quiet when you walk and has almost no friction or material to feel between your toes and absolutely none across the top of your toes.

ToeJoez Footwear is the only company in the world to offer this wonderfully practical and “almost barefoot” minimal sandal. You will love the sturdy-step yet amazingly comfortable and soft feel of these inexpensive and very functional men’s sandals. They are stylish as well giving a guy’s foot a tapered and more slender look. There has never been this type of sandal for men made out of this soft and durable material ever IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!

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